So apparently one way people like to justify taxation/theft is by referring to Utilitarianism. See the Utilitarianism section at the bottom of page 10 here: Theories of Distributive Justice: Frameworks for Equity by Helen Hodgson. “Utilitarianism measures the welfare of society as the sum of the utilities of all members of that society. The basic […]

I’m excited about a new feature in an android bitcoin app: Mycelium Local Trader. See the app on Google Play here. There’s a reddit thread explaining the new feature here. This is a really exciting new feature! Now all you have to do to get bitcoin is: Download Mycelium on your Android phone Use Local […]

So the news lately is that the US government IRS has released guidance indicating that they will treat bitcoin as property, making it subject to capital gains tax. Though they interpreted it as we should have expected, it should also be noted that this creates onerous record keeping requirements on people who want to use bitcoin as a […]

I did a talk at the Sydney Bitcoin Barcamp unConference on the 15th of March 2014 titled “Bitcoin – What makes it money and what makes it valuable?“ Here’s a summary of my talk: Bitcoin is both a currency and a decentralised payment network offering vast improvements over the money we use today for many […]

Please see Daniel Krawisz’s article, “I’m Hoarding Bitcoins, and No You Can’t Have Any” at The Mises Circle blog, extolling the virtues of hoarding bitcoin based on it being a superior money/commodity. Most of the other bitcoin advocates are suggesting (paraphrased): “You should show merchants that there is a market for accepting bitcoin by spending it”. […]

Inspired by this comment, imagine if you could travel overseas without having to do any of the following: No need to obtain euros before travelling No taking a single dollar out to exchange at a currency exchange No foreign transaction fees on your debit/credit card No having to call your bank/credit cards ahead of time […]

Answer: we’re normally referring to government/monopolistic regulation when we rail against regulation. Bona fide market-driven regulation and controls are perfectly acceptable. In the gun debate, sometimes people incorrectly assume that libertarians want zero rules whatsoever against gun ownership. Even as an anarcho-capitalist libertarian myself, I can see cases where there probably should be rules on […]


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