Some people in the bitcoin space claim that government regulation and government recognition of bitcoin is needed before it can go mainstream. Bitcoin does not ‘need the government’ to go mainstream, it is already a superior form of money. Therefore, people will be economically incentivised to use it regardless of the government. If you aren’t […]

Notice how every time a ‘police brutality’ event happens such as abuse of power or overstepping by a police officer, some people inevitably leap to the defence of the police. They say things like: “Oh he made an honest mistake”, or “They’re not all bad!”, or the more sarcastic style response: “So if someone’s breaking […]

Ever noticed how people can seem to be rude and unlikable from afar, but once you interact with them at a closer level they seem more personable? As an example, this can apply when taking internet debates to in person debates. But in a less trivial sense, it can also apply when nations trade. This idea is […]

Apparently, some people believe that if the government regulates or taxes a business, this does not count as violence or the threat of violence. This is a similar case to how the government is threatening violence against individuals, who must then comply with government laws and taxation. I made this parallel point about individuals in an […]

“But I choose to pay taxation to the state and I’m fine with this arrangement. If I want to live in a society with taxation I should be able to” – Does your choice here affect only you? Or are you actually forcing your choice onto other people? There’s a funny kind of non-equivalence being […]

Biting the bullet After I introduce the problem of political authority, some people respond by suggesting that actually, the state is justified because: “theft is justified to steal from the rich and give to the poor if poor people can’t afford to eat”. I think this position is not reflected in the way that people […]

I recently pointed out that the US President is able to unilaterally order the deaths of people via drone strike, even US citizens. This prompted some objections to the stateless society (aka anarcho-capitalism) such as the notion that the poor would be defenseless, or certain hypothetical scenarios of the rich “running roughshod over the rights of […]


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